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In an ever more connected world, APIs are having a tremendous impact on technology, business, and even our daily lives. A trend which will only become more complex as the digital transformation unfolds. Our goal is to help API providers and consumers find better ways of working closely together.

We help developers, product managers and anyone interested in working with APIs connect with API owners. Aditionally API owners can use Hitch to engage their communities and build a vibrant API ecosystem.

our story
Hitch story line

Before we became Hitch, we started as API Changelog.

This service allowed developers to be automatically notified whenever an API they used changed. Developers loved API Changelog because it meant they could spend less time and effort keeping up to date with APIs, and more time building products.

Hitch is the answer to these questions.

We want to make APIs more accessible for technical and non technical audiences, while helping providers grow, engage and better support their communities.

Soon, our founders identified that there was a broader challenge to address, which was two-fold.

On one side, developers struggle with getting up to speed with the APIs they need to work with, and get effective support from providers. At the same time, more API-first businesses and companies need to give their customers greater flexibility in integrating with their products and services, thus many new challenges are emerging for API owners. Such as: How can I make my API more discoverable, and grow my developer community? How can I help onboard developers so they can quickly start integrating? What should my API support process be?

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Hitch team memberLuke MillerCo-founder & CEO
Hitch team memberBruno PedroCo-founder & CTO
Hitch team memberFran MendezLead Engineer
Hitch team memberEjaz BawasaSenior Developer
Hitch team memberThierry TemplierSenior Fullstack developer & technical writer
Hitch team memberDulce De La RosaLead Designer & Frontend developer
Hitch team memberEgi ShijakuUX Designer
Hitch team memberInés LunaCustomer Success Lead
Hitch team memberBarry WhiteGrowth Specialist
Hitch team memberFrancesco LiistroOperations
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