It allows you to develop your own travel website or mobile app with instant access to 75,000 hotels and more than 10,000 activities.


Hotelbeds is the leading bedbank to the global travel industry. Its API suite, called APItude, is 100% RESTful and allows developers to access to 120,000 hotels and 12,000 leisure activities, and 140,000 car rental services. We handle around 46,000 daily net bookings of hotel rooms, activities and transfers.

Create an account to access developer.hotelbeds.com. Your account information can then be used to access other APIs on the Mashery API Network.

APItude is divided into three APIs which which provide different operations for developers.


The Booking API allows you to manage the entire booking process with just one value and request availability in only 5 lines of code.

You can receive availabilty for up to 2,000 hotels in a single request or get only a very specific set of data using advanced filtering and customized responses.

Read the full documentation for the Booking API here: https://developer.hotelbeds.com/docs/read/apitude_booking


The Content API provides full details of all the hotels available in our BookingAPI:

  • Complete hotel information
  • Master data for mapping
  • Data retrieval flexibility
  • Multilingual

Access the full documentation here: https://developer.hotelbeds.com/docs/read/APITUDE_CONTENT


Used together with BookingAP, our CacheAPI provides access to all our prices and availabilities in real-time, so that they can be used for package travel or uploading into third-party platforms.

CacheAPI can compress our entire hotel portfolio in a single response that is under 300MB in size. It can also perform scheduled scans that, in conjunction with our software installed locally, will execute all the necessary calculations to provide all possible availabilities and prices.

  • Multimarket
  • Faster availability
  • Data served locally
  • Third party system upload

Read the full documentation here: https://developer.hotelbeds.com/docs/read/apitude_cache


APItude uses an API key and X-Signature to authenticate. The API key you can get by registering an application. The X-Signature is generated with the APIkey your API Secret and the current time in milliseconds.

sha256Hex(apiKey + Secret + System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000)

A complete guide on how to authenticate with the API is available here https://developer.hotelbeds.com/docs/read/Home

Terms of Service

The APItude terms of service are available here: https://developer.hotelbeds.com/apps/tos