It allows you to develop your own travel website or mobile app with instant access to 75,000 hotels and more than 10,000 activities.


The Hotelbeds APItude API allows developers access to 75,00 hotels and 10,000 activities. Made up of three API's which provide operations to read data about hotel operations, reviews, and bookings.

  • BookingAPI
  • ContentAPI
  • CacheAPI

Terms of Service

The APItude terms of service are available here https://developer.hotelbeds.com/apps/tos


A complete guide on how to authenticate with the API is available here https://developer.hotelbeds.com/docs/read/Home

APItude uses an API key and X-Signature to authenticate. The API key you can get by registering an application. The X-Signature is generated with the APIkey your API Secret and the current time in milliseconds.

sha256Hex(apiKey + Secret + System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000)