Capital One Rewards API

Get details about specific rewards programs


A key feature of most Capital One credit cards is the associated loyalty, or Rewards, program. This program grants loyalty bonuses — generically referred to as rewards, but issued as miles, cash back, or points — based on card usage. Rewards are collected in and redeemed from a rewards account that is associated with the credit card account but exists as a separate entity.

Capital One supports a wide variety of rewards programs, each of which defines its own set of operational rules. What they all have in common are the three basic elements:

  • the rewards currency — a rewards account accumulates value measured in a specific kind of currency: miles (for travel-related rewards), points, or cash back.

    Miles and points are converted to a cash value for redemption; cash back is just that — dollars and cents.

  • the earn rate — credit card customers earn rewards based on purchases they make using the associated credit card; these earn rates vary both across programs and within a single program based on a number of factors.

  • the redemption opportunities — once accumulated, rewards can then be redeemed: exchanged for a new purchase, used to erase a previous purchase, donated to a charitable organization, or just received as cash. Again, the available options vary both across programs and within a single program.

You can use the Rewards API Product to get the details that determine how a specific rewards program works. The endpoints currently available allow you to obtain a list of all rewards accounts associated with a named customer, and to obtain a set of details about a specific rewards account (including balance, currency, and the available redemption opportunities).

And we’ve designed these APIs to keep our customer data secure: account owners must grant you permission to access their accounts, and all authentication and authorization is handled by Capital One.

The Rewards API Product is your ticket to a new way to provide value for your customers — by helping them access the value of their rewards.