Image Recognition API

Integrate our cloud image recognition into apps


Image Recognition API by Catchoom https://catchoom.com/documentation/image-recognition-api/

Catchoom offers cloud and offline Image Recognition services with 99.8% uptime and 20% higher accuracy than competitors.

Our CraftAR Image Recognition API allows you to integrate our cloud image recognition service into your branded mobile and web applications. More specifically, the API conforms to the RESTful constrains and permits you to perform visual recognition against one of your collections of reference images by sending HTTP requests. The results are returned in JSON format.

We provide PHP and Python libraries for the Image Recognition API. Thanks to our customers, we also have implementations of this API for .NET.

Related SDKs and free trial of our SaaS:

We also offer related SDKs in our Documentation center https://catchoom.com/documentation/, for cloud and on-device (offline) Image Recognition and Augmented Reality for Android and iOS, AR SDK for Unity3D, Cordova plugin and Javascript library. All our SDKs are free to download and develop with. Our SaaS platform also offers a free version that you can use to try and test the API and SDKs.