Personalized e-commerce - Powered by machine learning and big data.


Findify is a complete e-commerce personalization platform. You can easily add powerful solutions to your website such as:

  • Self learning, faceted search
  • Product recommendations
  • Faceted category navigation

All these touchpoints are powered by Merlin, our proprietary real-time personalization platform, written completely from scratch, specifically for e-commerce.

Findify's API was built by developers, for developers, to allow you to quickly and easily add personalization to your web and mobile applications.

Self Learning Search

Most search engines available for e-commerce today, are static. Meaning, even if they are full text capable, your customers will see the same results today, tomorrow or in a week. This makes sense if you're looking for legal documents or through a knowledge base, but e-commerce is much more dynamic. Customer preferences change rapidly, and you need to keep up. Some of the main features our search solution delivers:

  • Smart autocomplete, with predictive suggestions and product matches
  • Spelling tolerance to cover up 95% of all human misspellings
  • Dynamic facets (filtering) to allow your customers to filter down the results quickly and easily
  • A layered matching algorithm: Using full-text matching, enriched with collaborative filtering ranking and topped with 1:1 personalization.