Music Notation Software - Platform API


Welcome to Flat's API and Embed documentation. Flat's API enables developers to programmatically interact with Flat's music notation online platform and technologies: from web music engraving to real-time collaboration.

What is Flat?

Flat is an online platform allowing people to create sheet music in their browser. It enables widely different usages: composition, arrangements, real-time collaboration with different musicians and composers, teaching and learning with our education platform, and much more.

Why use Flat as a Developer?

  • You need a simple and customizable way to display and interact with sheet music in your web pages.
  • The Flat API features and support are growing commensurately following the growth of our products: creating and exporting music scores, managing education classes, and assignments, ... and much more!
  • Flat's API follows modern RESTful convention and is simple to use. We maintain an OpenAPI Specification (fka. Swagger 2) for this one.

Sheet music web embed

Our music notation embed allows you to easily display any MusicXML or MIDI file on your blog or website with an interactive component: engraving, playback, printing, transposition, editing... and fully customizable to your needs! Read more in our Embed documentation.

Music notation platform REST API

Flat's REST API allows interacting with our music notation platform in a simple way. This API is extensively annotated via Swagger/OpenAPI (you can find the full specification here).

We provide a simple way to get started with the API using personal authentication tokens and SDKs, so you don't have to worry about the OAuth2 authentication flow when using the API for your tests and your own account.

Support, questions, and feedback

Like any of our products, we aim to provide an outstanding support. If you have any questions, just send us an email (developers@flat.io) or directly chat with our team.