Google Drive

Access, edit, and save your app's files.


The core functionality of Drive apps is to download and upload files in Google Drive. However, the Drive platform provides a lot more than just storage. This page describes some of that functionality and points you can consider when building your app.

Additional functionalities

  • Search for files: You can search for files using the files.list method of the Drive API.
  • Distribute and market through Google Drive: Drive-enabled apps allow users create and open content directly in the Drive UI.
  • Share and collaborate: Google Drive apps can manage permissions and sharing settings of files. Also, apps can provide commenting and discussions on files, allowing users to work collaboratively on the documents they share in Drive.
  • Create and open files using the Google Picker: Drive files can be opened from an application independently of the Drive UI.
  • Use shortcuts: Applications can create shortcuts to data stored outside of Drive, in a different data store or cloud storage system.
  • Export and convert Google docs: The Drive platform allows developers to open, import, and export native Google Docs types such as Google Spreadsheets, Presentations, Documents, and Drawings.