Haystack Content Search

Connect to the API that powers Haystack.im


This API serves as a general purpose search of Haystack content, it is not intended to replicate the Haystack.im search experience, but rather provide users with the ability to interact with the content for early non production use.

The primary data object is a search item, which consists of one or more content references, information about the search request and the search result.

A Content Reference is a pointer to some content, in this case mainly images, and includes a URL and specifies metadata such as the creator of the image, date created, source, keywords, title, description etc.


The API is a REST­ful API that is accessed via HTTP requests. The individual endpoints are:

POST /api/search
GET /api/search/{source}/{id}

The API currently only has two public functions, a general search endpoint and a single item request. The POST search request has a body with several required parameters and many optional ones.

The API requires an API Key for usage, please contact vache@haystack.im for further details.