What is Hitch?

Hitch is a community that connects API providers with consumers, making easy for anyone to follow APIs, share APIs and communicate with other people who work with APIs.

Why are we moving from API Changelog to Hitch?

API Changelog was the first step towards helping you save time and effort in staying up to date with changes that are regularly introduced in the APIs you use. Hitch will take this to a whole new level, giving you more ways to connect with these APIs, and with other developers using them. We’re working on great features, like commenting on changes and searching for specific items.

Will I continue to get updates on API changes?

Absolutely! We’ve migrated all the APIs you follow and we’ll continue to notify you when there are changes via hi@hitchhq.com.

What else will I be able to do with Hitch?

We’ve enhanced the documentation pages, so you can identify changes more easily and download the documentation as html.

But not only that, with Hitch anyone can now list a new API to our API catalogue. This means that if you cannot find an API you need, you can just add it in a couple of clicks!

I have feedback on Hitch, how can I share it?

We’re building a community for you! As an early user, we’d love to hear your ideas of how to make Hitch the best place for you to engage the API community.

Give us a shout on Twitter @hitchhq, or send us a message directly from Hitch with the ? button.