Management API for Image Recognition & Augmented Reality

Connect your apps & backend to our AR services.


Management API for Image Recognition and Augmented Reality by Catchoom https://catchoom.com/documentation/management-api/

Catchoom offers Image Recognition and Augmented Reality services that you can easily integrate into your branded mobile and web apps.

The Management API is a RESTful interface that allows you to integrate CraftAR functionalities into your applications and services. For example, you can upload content for image recognition or AR experiences in a batch or connect your backend service directly and inject new content or update existing one when you need to.

The API follows a RESTful architecture, uses HTTPS exclusively and accepts and returns JSON. This document contains a detailed description of the API calls. We provide PHP and Python libraries for the Management API.

Thanks to our customers, we also have implementations of this API for .NET, and Ruby.

**Related SDKs and free trial of our SaaS **

We also offer related SDKs in our Documentation center https://catchoom.com/documentation/, for cloud and on-device (offline) Image Recognition and Augmented Reality for Android and iOS, AR SDK for Unity3D, Cordova plugin and Javascript library. All our SDKs are free to download and develop with. Our SaaS platform also offers a free version that you can use to try and test the API and SDKs.