Metacert Mock This

Detect Fake News and other unpleasant URLs


The MetaCert Mock This API makes it very easy for you to add a lightweight, but a very powerful layer of security to your app. Since the API is based on REST principles, it’s easy to write and test applications.

The Mock This API allows you to lookup and check the classification or reputation of URLs and IP addresses, to see if they have been labeled as Fake News, Satire, Alt-right, Far-right, Conservative News, Far-Left, Liberal, Phishing, Malware and Pornography.

Classification platform

MetaCert’s classification platform is unique to every other platform. Paul Walsh, CEO of MetaCert, was responsible for co-instigating the creation of the W3C POWDER Recommendation that formally replaced PICS in 2009. MetaCert’s classification methodology is based on the same principals that POWDER was based on.

MetaCert is the first company in the world to classify domains, sub-domains, folders and URLs. It’s our unique ability to classify folders that really sets us apart. For example, when we classify a folder like igmur.com/adult/porn it means that any URL that’s located in this specific folder will return a value of pornography. No other platform will return this value without labeling the entire domain, or having the ability to classify URLs the second they hit the web.