Nylas Cloud API

Integrate email, calendar, and contacts in-app


The Nylas Cloud API powers your app with two-way email, calendar, and contacts sync so you never have to develop against outdated protocols (hello Exchange and IMAP) again.

Nylas powers SaaS apps with insightful analytics at an individual and company wide level (from click rate, open rate, reply tracking, to the total # of emails sent by a rep or team).

The Nylas API integrates with 100% of email services and manages any API updates for you. You can check out our docs and get up and running in just a few minutes with a free developer account.

We developed our API with three considerations in mind:

  1. Efficiency- on average, dev teams save 18 months of time integrating with the Nylas API rather than creating individual integrations for each of the email clients their customer's use
  2. Reliability - The API is beloved by our customers for speed and performance.
  3. Security - All data is encrypted and held to the highest security regulations. Nylas is FINRA and second FERPA compliant and HIPAA ready.

In addition to providing email infrastructure to power your app, our API equips your customers with valuable analytics. As you capture email conversations across all stakeholders, you get actionable insights from that data like:

  • Which sales/marketing/recruiting reps get the best response rate and why
  • Which sales/marketing/recruiting reps are the most prolific at customer engagement
  • What subject lines, email send times/dates, and personalization techniques work best

You can learn more about the Nylas API in this blog.

Connect up to 10 accounts for development for free here: nylas.com