Oxford Dictionaries API

Enhance your app with our world-renowned dictionary data.


The Oxford Dictionary API give you access to dictionary content in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Urdu, Malay and more.

What is possible with our dictionary data?

  • Learning: Benefit from the rich tagging or subject, register and region to make your app appropriate for many different users.
  • Augmented Reality: Use our definitions, audio pronunciations and translations to add an extra dimension to your Augmented Reality App.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Push the boundaries of future applications with powerful, semantically-linked language data.
  • Games: Whether you are creating the next big word game, or simply want to test your students' skills with some vocabulary and definition quizzes, we have the data you need to make your games a success.
  • Business: By using our API, you can be sure the lexical content you want to include in your business app is from a reliable and trustworthy source and it will not throw up any nasty surprise.
  • Research: Explore relationships between words an languages by taking advantage of the flexibility of the Oxford Dictionary API.

Manage your account

Oxford Dictionaries API allows you to manage many aspects of your account quickly and efficiently. You can:

  • Track your usage Statistics.
  • Change your plan if your application is growing in users.
  • Add developers as additional Users and amend the details about your application.
  • View your Invoices and update your payment details.
  • ... and much more.

Terms of Service

The terms of service can be found here https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/api-terms-and-conditions